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I   Basic provisions

1/ Regulations of the smaller Advertisements /hereinafter referred to as a REGULATIONS/ published on the  online service Surf4car hereinafter referred to as  a SERVICE and run on the website www.surf4car.com.au determines the rules of acceptance and publishing the smaller Advertisements on the hereby website, hereinafter referred to as ADVERTISEMENTS.

2/ Publication of the smaller Advertisements shall follow these REGULATIONS.

3/  The publisher is not responsible for the content of Advertisements published on the hereby website.

4/ Advertisements published on the SERVICE shall last till sold.

5/ The Advertiser by publishing the Advertisement on the SERVICE agrees them to be published for free on other websites which are the part of  the surf4car.com.au. group.

6/  Other rules than these specified in the REGULATIONS shall follow the common law.

II  Advertisement publication

1/ Advertisement publication shall be available by the Add Your Advertisement function, contained on each website of the service’s Advertisement module.

Phase I:

Publication of Advertisements shall request filling in the following ‘obligatory’ fields of contact form:

– an accurate e-mail address

– acceptance of the Terms&Conditions

– title of the Advertisement

– the content of the Advertisement

– arithmetic confirmation of the willingness to publish the Advertisement.

Phase II

– adding or refraining from adding the graphics file up to 150kb,

– sending or refraining from sending the graphics file as the attachment to the Advertisement’s content,

– the final confirmation of the Advertisement’s content by your clicking the field: accept / next

III   Rules of Advertisement publication

Rules of Advertisement publication

1/ The publisher is entitled to refrain from publication or to delete the published Advertisement, when:

– its content infringes the law, the rights of third parties, particularly the copyright law  or violates personal, ethic, common rights, which relates mainly to the content which contains: pornography, execution scenes, racial, ethnical, and denominational prejudice.

– its content is strictly sociable, and aims at facilitating or establishing the contacts with matrimonial plans.

– it aims at selling the products, whose sale or descends are illegal.

2/ The publisher, apart from before mentioned cases, is entitled to refuse publishing the  Advertisement, preventing from its realization and  further publication in the service when:

– the Advertisement can have a negative impact on surf4car reputation and the aesthetics of website’s layout.

– the Advertisement promotes an advertisement, contains some referential links to other Advertisement websites, or encourages to participate in so called pyramid scheme.

– the Advertisement is constantly added in various categories.

–  the Advertisement is added in inappropriate categories.

–  the Advertisement’s title contains the name of the company or link to its website.

–  the Advertisement promotes the operations, which are competitive for the Publisher.

– the Advertisement added by Advertiser – Car dealers is published in other category than car dealers.

– the Advertisement added by Advertiser is not relevant to the website subject area.

or without specification of any reason.

IV   Responsibility for the Advertisement content:

1/ The Advertiser shall be responsible for publication of the Advertisement, which shall not violate the law or present regulations.

2/ The Advertiser acknowledges being entirely responsible for the accordance of the Advertisement’s content with an factual and legal circumstances.

3/ The publisher shall not be responsible either for the delay of Advertisement’s publication, the consequences resulting from the contacts between the Advertiser and his Customer or any other impediments caused by the www.surf4car.com.au website functioning which were not depended on www.surf4car.com.au

4/ The user of the SERVICE – the Consumer acknowledges, that the Publisher shall not be responsible for the content and reliability of Advertisements published by the Advertiser.

5/ The Publisher shall not be responsible either for the type, quality, safety, value or the efficient realization of the transaction regarding the received Advertisement’s object, as the result of  taking advantage by the Customer of the Advertisement published on the Service.

6/ If as the result of Advertisement’s publication in the SERVICE  – the Publisher shall suffer any damage connected with pleasing any claims, whose rights have been violated as the result of Advertisement’s publication (including mainly: property copyrights, related laws, industrial property laws and personal rights),  the Advertiser is obliged to completely redress the damage including the reimbursement of the legal and administrative proceedings, legal representation expenses, and any other justifiable costs incurred by the Publisher, in order to satisfy the claims of third parties.

7/ In case of claiming that the content of the Advertisement violates the terms of the present REGULATIONS, the Publisher is authorized to delete such Advertisement with no claims from the SERVICE User – the Advertiser

V Final resolutions:

1/ The Advertiser acknowledges, that by publishing the content of the Advertisement on the SERVICE, he the accepts all resolutions of the present Regulations.

2/ The present REGULATIONS can be changed by the Publisher anytime. The information about the changes and the end of their validity will be published on the www.surf4car.com.au website.

3/ The changes of the REGULATIONS shall not come into effect earlier than 3 days after being published on the above mentioned website.

4/ The user of the www.surf4car.com.au websites, who shall notice any  data which were not published by him, shall send the e-mail to the Publisher with the notification to the address: surf4car@gmail.com. The notification shall include the phone number or e-mail address to the User, short description of the strictures and the indication of the questioned by the User Advertisement’s content.  The advertisement will be deleted within 1 day since the verity of strictures has been verified.

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